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A "note" about picking up your bunny.... Your bunny must be picked up within 1 week from the time that I tell you it is "ready"... I cannot afford to feed him/her any longer than is stated. Unless other arrangemments are made - I will put the bunny up for "re-sale" if it is not picked up in a "timely " manner...

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Medical Guarantee:
I assure that all rabbits for sale are free of illness when leaving my rabbitry.  I will not sell a rabbit before 8 weeks of age.  I guarantee that they are healthy when they leave here.  I would NEVER sell a sick rabbit!  I cannot guarantee against injury or intestional complications (diarrhea/enteritis) once you take possession of your rabbit.  To the best of my knowledge, the rabbit is guaranteed healthy when it leaves my place.
There will be NO REFUNDS if the rabbit dies after leaving my place.  It is healthy when it leaves here and I have no way of knowing what happens when it leaves.... I will give you instructions on how to care for you rabbit . 
 To help with the transition, you will receive a "care sheet"  and a package of food for your bunny to make the transition easier.  You must also arrange that the bunny has water during transport. 

Also, DO NOT give a baby bunny a bath.... This can cause pneumonia... In my opinion, it is not necessary to ever give a rabbit a bath unless it is an extreme circumstance... Rabbits are very clean animals..  If you keep your cage clean, the rabbit will be clean..

Well, Once again "Tripod" won't let me add any pictures.... so, if you're interested in seeing something I have for sale.... send me an e-mail and I'll send you a pic.....

Flemish Giants -
$55.00 - $75.00
Depends on what you get....
English Angoras - I no longer sell English Angoras but can refer you to someone who does.

Mini Rex & Holland Lops -$20.00 & Up...

Pet Quality to Show Quality...

ALL "Tri-color" Mini Rex  $25.00 & UP

ALL "Tri-color" Holland Lops $50.00 & UP



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